Dutch Graphic Roots was born out of the Roots series, a series of Dutch language publications that aims at generating attention to the roots of Dutch graphic design culture.

Roots is a collaboration of [Z]OO productions and Wilco Art Books and is wholeheartedly supported by BNO, Pictoright and Wim Crouwel Instituut.

Design: vanRixtelvanderPut designers

Portrait photography: Aatjan Renders
Editing: Sybrand Zijlstra
Editing in English: Ton Haak

Paper: Arctic Paper Benelux
Print: Wilco Art Books (from Roots 36) / Lecturis (Roots 21 to 35) / Greve Offset (Roots 1 to 20)

The Netherlands: Robert van Rixtel,
Foreign countries: Elly Bos-Bonsen,