Roots is a series of printed Dutch-language publications, started in 2005, with the aim of paying attention to the roots of Dutch graphic design.

Roots is a collaboration of [Z]OO productions and Wilco Art Books and is wholeheartedly supported by BNOPictoright and Wim Crouwel Instituut. Roots is made possible by a financial contribution from the Pictoright Fonds.

Dutch Graphic Roots
Dutch Graphic Roots is the online version of the Roots series.

Design: vanRixtelvanderPut designers
Portrait photography: Aatjan Renders
Editing: Sybrand Zijlstra
Editing in English: Ton Haak
Paper: Arctic Paper Benelux
Print: Wilco Art Books (from Roots 36) /
Lecturis (Roots 21 to 35) / Greve Offset (Roots 1 to 20)

[Z]OO productions
Dutch Graphic Roots is an initiative of [Z]OO productions.

[Z]OO productions is a not-for-profit small-scale publisher founded in 1992 by graphic designers Eric van Casteren and Robert van Rixtel.

[Z]OO productions publishes books and other print about the graphic design sector in the Netherlands, with special attention to its history, and organizes related exhibitions and symposiums. In 2006, [Z]OO productions received the ‘Grafische Cultuurprijs’ (graphic culture award).

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